Hosted by the Committee for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (CAAW) Co-operative Ltd. In partnership with Eel Ground First Nation


Young Wabanaki Women Rising (YWWR) will help young Aboriginal women learn about options after high school and resources in the areas of post-secondary education and violence prevention and intervention. Through a unique process, Young Wabanaki Women Rising aims to help them gain confidence and self-esteem, teaching them how to use their cultural teachings in a contemporary context. The project is hosted by the Committee for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women (CAAW) Coop Ltd. in partnership with the Eel Ground Education Committee. CAAW has successfully organized projects by and for Aboriginal women in the province since 1997. We are seeking your support as a corporate sponsor for this project which invests in the future of New Brunswick 's Aboriginal youth and the province 's economic and social health. Through your sponsorship, your company will increase its profile with Aboriginal post-secondary students, workers, First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations.

Wabanaki Women's Resurgence aims to prepare young Aboriginal women between 17 - 25 years to take steps into a positive future beyond high school. The project aims to:
- Increase Mi'kmaq/Maliseet cultural knowledge and its applications in daily life;
- Enhance self-esteem and self - confidence by fostering positive Mi 'kmaq/Maliseet identities;
- Increase awareness of post-high school options in post - secondary education, employment and entrepreneurship;
- Increase awareness of strategies and resources in the area of violence;
- Increase leadership skills among young Aboriginal women.

Building Resilience in Young Aboriginal Women, Wabanaki Women's Resurgence uses traditional, holistic Aboriginal concepts and frameworks in its planning and implementation so young women can learn how to apply cultural knowledge in a contemporary context. Involves Aboriginal women from all stages of life, with young women learning from Elders and mentors how to be successful in their personal and professional lives.
Creates a space for young Aboriginal women to:
- Gather information, tools and strategies to succeed in post-secondary education
- Discuss strategies and tools around dating violence, cyber bullying and other forms of violence
- Network, create and practice peer and inter-generational support.

What are the corporate benefits of sponsoring?

Event sponsorship is a cost-effective avenue to reach Aboriginal audiences and building relationships for the future.

The benefits to sponsoring the Wabanaki Women's Resurgence Gathering include opportunities to:
- Generate interest and increase awareness about your company, brand, and/or product
- Highlight your company through corporate sponsorship spotlights during the Gathering
- Identify potential students, interns or employees
- Develop contacts and networks with a unique target audience
- Support the development of the Aboriginal workforce

Corporate Sponsorship Levels